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City of Joy

What does it mean to be in our Joy?


Joy can even be said to have healing effects, especially in its spiritual sense.

It is tough to say which is my favorite city in India - but Calcutta so far tops the list. I won't make the final call though until I see some other biggies - Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Leh/Ladakh. So far I have seen Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Agra, Chennai, Kolchi, and various hill stations. 

Joy is a feeling that I  - its even tattooed on my right arm - albeit in French. 

What does it mean to be of Joy, or in Joy? What does joy really feel like? Tobe, there is an element of innocent curiosity, of love and of light. Happiness may feel more like contentness, pleasant feeling, but less strong then its exciting cousin Joy. "tears of joy" - rejoicing. Certainly, one cannot feel that way all the time. 

Perhaps a big part of that is the contrast of joy. 

Wile on a short solo trip to Calcutta, a trip encouraged by the amazing Bengali family I was living with,  I spent a day volunteering  at the Mother Theresa house for a mere day, but hte impact it left on me was strong. 

Hilsa, kathi rolls, ____ curry at _____ restauruant, and a coffee and cigarette at the Indian Cofee House. 

Joy for me is inspired by a smile from a stranger, a welcoming gesture or breaking of bread between two humans with entirely different lives and experiences. 

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