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Dear Joanie

When Morgan was away on a new adventure, she and her grandma Joan would write letters back and forth.


From Dublin to Delhi, there would always be prints from grandma's disposable Fujifilm tucked inside the bird-themed stationary.

The camera lived in Joan's purse, and she loved candid family shots. You were only safe when she stopped to wind it.

Eyes closed or mouths full or backs turned - it didn't matter. She only saw the good in moments and in people.

She wanted them
to see it, too.

Morgan cherishes those memories - of knowing a flash could come at any time to deem a tiny moment worthy of permanence.

And of tearing open the envelopes covered in too many stamps. Reading about what grandpa had for lunch.

Love poured from the paper and brought her home.

Now too, with a camera stowed in her bag, Morgan is creating Dear Joanie.

So as to never stop seeing the goodness and beauty all around us.

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In loving memory of my grandma, Joan,
who believed I could do anything.
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