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Rafi Uddin Mahmud


Rafi Uddin Mahmud is a Bangladeshi-born architect and self-taught artist born in the port city Chittagong. He has completed his Bachelor of Architecture from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. From his childhood, painting was his passion and he won several national and international awards in painting, drawing and graphics design. Currently he is living and working as a freelance architect and artist in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Rafi offers original acrylic paintings in various styles, notably featuring scenes of his home country. He is able to ship canvas rolls worldwide upon request. 

Morgan and Rafi met while in Dhaka on her travels through Bangladesh in winter of 2019. Rafi and his lovely mum warmly welcomed her into their sunny apartment and she is excited to someday return to see it full of art and inspiration. 



"After suffering from a so-called ‘autoimmune disease’ for a long time, I finally discovered that my pain is a result of subconscious anxiety. My painting provides me with meditative healing through affording me a creative and contemplative outlet for the stressors of daily life. My goal for my art is to ultimately bring the mission of restoration and healing to others. Each of my paintings is shared with an accompanying story. I want to bring light, hope, beauty, and a sense of grace through my work and words."

- Rafi

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